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Food allergies/sensitivities

CPU’s food allergy management prevention plan is to
                  Ensure the daily management of food allergies in individual children
                  Prepare for food allergy emergencies
                  Provide professional development on food allergy for staff members
                  Create and maintain a healthy and safe educational environment

If your child has a severe food allergy requiring an Epi Pen – please fill out the Allergy Action Plan with your doctor which will include health information that we would need at school to keep your child safe. 
Please discuss with your building’s school nurse the best location for your child’s Epi Pen. As riding the bus or having extracurricular activities are important to consider. 

If your child has basic food allergies or sensitivities that need substitutions at school meals, please print the Diet Modification Form and have your child’s provider sign. Please return to the school nurse. 

**These forms need to be updated EVERY YEAR. 

Downloads available:

 Food allergy action plan

Diet Modification Request Form



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