Wellness Policy - Center Point-Urbana Community School District

Wellness Policy

The District Wellness Policy can be found on the District page under Board policies specifically under Series: 500: Students 507.9.  (link)

Snack Policy for Primary and Intermediate Schools:
The snack policy states that “unhealthy snacks will be returned to parents and not served in the classroom during the school day.”

School Day Snacks:  Snack will be milk or juice in the morning or afternoon in the Primary building.  Snacks will not be brought in from home in the primary building. Students in the Intermediate building may bring a healthy snack from home.  Each child’s homeroom teacher will decide the best time for the snack in their classroom.  It is a good idea for students to eat a good breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is available at school between 8:00-8:30 at the Primary and 8:00-8:20 in the Intermediate.

Snacks for classroom parties: snacks must be healthy in nature.  If you would like to bring something and are unsure if it is acceptable, please ask your child’s classroom teacher.

Birthday Treats: In order to comply with CPU’s Wellness Policy, non-edible gifts for the class or edible birthday treats will no longer be able to be served during the school day.  

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