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Post-High School Entrance Exams




There are a variety of entrance exams for education and training after high school.  A student needs to understand these and make an educated choice on which ones are needed for their future education.

  • PSATS (for juniors):  A pre-test for the SAT (college entrance exam) and considered a scholarship contest.  Also, I recommend you consider taking it if your parents are working at Rockwell or Cargill or for a company that may have a scholarship competition that uses these test scores.  Please check with the parent’s place of employment for scholarship opportunities.  


  • ACT:  A college entrance exam for a four year college usually in the Midwest.  This score, along with other data like class rank, is used to determine if a student will be eligible to enter the college or university. Score composites range from 1-36.  Some four year schools are adding a writing test as an entrance requirement, however no school in Iowa is currently requiring the writing test.  Please look at the schools the students are considering to decide if the writing portion of the test is needed.   Registration for the ACT Tests are done online at and can take up to 11/2 hours to fill out for the first time so please plan accordingly.  CPU is a testing site for the October and April testing dates.  In order to register for CPU, please enter that you want to take the test at site #215940. Our school code is 160-710.

ACT Test Dates             Registration Deadline            

 September 10               August 5

 October 22                    September 16              

 December 10                November 4

 February 11                    January 13

 April 8                            March 3

 June 10                         May 5

            You can prepare for the tests on-line at,      


            or pick up a practice test in the counseling center. 


  • COMPASS OR ASSET TESTS:  These are the math, reading, and English placement tests given for entry into the community college level.  All students who apply with a high school diploma will get accepted into the community college but your ability to take certain courses will depend upon your compass score.  Sophomores take the compass test and these scores are applicable during their high school years.  However, you can also take them again in your senior year at the community college if you want to use them as entrance scores.


  • ASVABS:  This is an aptitude test usually taken for the purpose of entering the military.  The higher the score, the more job opportunities open to you.  Practice ones are available on the web at or see Ms. Talbott.


  • APPRENTICESHIPS:  Even apprenticeships have tests to qualify.  They are program specific and need to be set up with each apprenticeship program.

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