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The purpose of STORM lunch is to provide time for re-teaching and reassessment for standards-based grading courses, collaboration time with peers on projects, offering opportunities for advancing academic performance and encouraging personal interests.

There will be one lunch block for all students. This approach is called STORM lunch, which stands for: Student Tutorials Opportunities Reassessing Meetings . Students will have the opportunity to make choices about how to use their time during this block. The lunch time is split into halves (Tutorial A and Tutorial B) and can be used with some flexibility. Each full-time teacher will be available Wednesday through Friday to provide academic support or enrichment for his/her students. Students will be able to choose which tutorials or sessions they wish to attend per each teacher’s availability. On Tuesdays, students will still meet in homeroom to go over how they are doing in their classes, plan what tutorials and reassessments are needed, and build rapport with their homeroom peers and teacher.

In addition to academic support and enrichment, the media center will be open daily for computer use or just a quiet place to get some schoolwork done. Our gym will be open 3 days each week for some intramural sport and physical activity opportunities. STORM Lunch time will also incorporate club meetings, guest speakers, and other opportunities into the regular school day. We know that the need to ride the bus to and from school will no longer be a barrier for students getting extra help or being a participant in extra-curricular activities.

There is a structure for STORM Lunch with expectations that students make positive choices and be only in approved areas during both tutorial sessions. The STORM Lunch is considered an academic block so students are required to be at the high school during that time.  Students may not leave the campus during STORM lunch. Staff members will be stationed around the entire school every day for the entirety of the A & B tutorial time in order to monitor student behavior and to answer students’ questions. Our cafeteria will serve food for the entire block of time, so it is perfectly fine to go to a tutorial or some other session for Tutorial A (first half) and then go to the cafeteria to eat during Tutorial B (second half)—or vice versa.

To see the schedule when teachers are available for student tutorials click here.


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