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Customize Site Background


  1. Adjusting the background images and colors of the web site is a "trial and error" process.

  1.  Here are some of the steps demonstrated in the video.

  2. Make sure  the image you want to use is in your  folder. 

  3. If you want to use just a part of an image -- crop it in Picasa and export the new image to your  folder. 

  4. Open your site. 

  5. Click on More: 

  6. Go down to Manage Site and over to Colors and Fonts (on the lower left)

  7. User the center slide bar to experiment with customizing any of the following: 

  • Page background wrapper image

  • Page background image

  • Site header background image

  • Make adjustments to the color of the font and  other background colors  if you wish. 

  • Make adjustments to the theme if you wish. 

Be sure to Save when done. 

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