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Message from Mr. Tupa, Principal

Hello, students, parents, and community. I am extremely excited to be the Middle School Principal in the greatest school district in the state.  I can't thank Mr. Winterhof enough for his years of service and spending most of the month of June helping me transition to my new position.

This will be my first year as principal at the Middle School, but it marks my 20th year in education. My wife (Steph) and I spend most of our "free" time chasing around our four kids - Kole (senior), Kanon (sophomore), Easton (freshman), and Addy (7th).  It has truly been a blessing to raise our kids in this community.

The MS will be entering it's second year as a Leader in Me school. This is not a program or initiative that will only benefit our students for their 3 years in the MS.  The 7 Habits will help ALL of our students (and staff) by building skills for the betterment of our students, schools, and society for years to come!

The MS Vision: Together We Lead, Learn, and Grow.  We understand the challenges that are unique to the middle school students and our responsibility to educate the whole child.  The MS staff is committed to developing each student's gifts.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

K.C. Tupa



Standards-Based Learning 

Power Teacher Pro

Middle school will be using an updated version of PowerSchool. The Power Point will help explain how to access information. Each slide has a speaker you can click on to get an explanation of the information.


Important information

The following topics are discussed in more detail in the link above.

Grading Using Standards-Based Learning

Purpose of Standards-Based Reporting

The primary purpose of reporting on standards in the Center Point-Urbana Middle School is to communicate achievement status of standards to students, parents, and others. Responsibility, organization, and other citizenship skills will be reported separately. Secondary purposes of reporting on standards include providing feedback to students for growth, encouraging student progress, and self-monitoring of learning.

Foundational Practices of Standards-Based Reporting

  • Practice, in or out of the classroom, is important for the understanding of standards. The purpose of practice is so that on an assessment the student can show that he/she understands a standard.  Students are expected to complete practice with integrity. Practice assignments will not be included as part of the final report.

  • Grades will be based on what the student is able to show he/she has learned. Therefore, extra credit will not be given at any time.

  • Students will be allowed multiple opportunities to demonstrate their level of understanding of classroom standards in various ways. Re-assessments will be allowed for assessments. If a standard is going to be assessed again later in the grading period, that will be considered their re-assessment.  Each teacher will have an insurance (re-assessment) policy.  All students may re-assess and will earn the most recent score.

Scale for Reporting Achievement on a Standard

Proficiency Scale for Behavior

These scores will not be figured into the final grade

Standard:  21st Century Skill - Student actively engages in learning. (Some examples may include taking notes, participating in class discussions, using class time productively, completing example problems and recommended practices)

Standard:  21st Century Skill - Student treats others with respect. (Some examples may include by being trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, caring, positive and upstanding citizens)

Proficiency Scales AR



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