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Weather and Water

Weather and Water



This is a FOSS science course that focuses on Earth's atmosphere, weather, and water.  Through this unit, students will realize that understanding weather is more than just reading a thermometer and recording air-pressure measurements.  They will form ideas about atoms and molecules, changes of state, and heat transfer before moving into ideas relating to air masses and fronts, convection cells and winds, and the development of severe weather.


National Weather Sites for Collecting Data:

National Weather Service  

Barometric Pressure Conversion


Links for class activities and assessments:

1-2 Vocabulary Practice

Weather Instrument Practice

The Storm Spotter's Guide

Mid-Summative Exam 1-2 Retake Quiz


Heat Transfer Webquest Websites:

Part 1

Part 2- Using your knowledge

Part 3

Part 4


Other Reliable Weather Sites:

Weather Underground


Weather Apps for the iPad:

The Weather Channel

NOAA Weather


Intellicast HD





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