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Investigation 4

Take to each station paper and pencil.

Station 1      Millionaire Game

Station 2      Battleship (Dist. Prop.)  PICK MEDIUM LEVEL

Station 4      Order of Operations



November 16   Equation Playlist


Station 1&5     Order of Opertions 1     Millionaire Order of Op

Station 2&6     Work on questions 11-15

Station 3&7     Hoop Shoot

Station 4&8    Work on questions 16-20




STRETCHING AND SHRINKING                   End of Class Survey




COMPARING AND SCALING                         End of Class Survey

Investigation 2 Day 1

Must do:

P53   9-13 by Friday beginning of class,

15 minutes of Front Row in class today

At least 1 playlist item


Playlist (these are options to choose)

Millionaire Game           Percent Memory             Jeopardy            Proportions Race

Investigation 2 Day 2 Playlist (must do the stations)

Station 1    Checking Assignment

Station  2    Front Row

Station 3    Review Assignment

   Try any/all of these:

Millionaire Game           Percent Memory             Jeopardy            Proportions Race

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FILLING AND WRAPPING                       End of Class Survey


SAMPLES AND POPULATIONS                       End of Class Survey

Review Rotation Day 1

Station 1,4    Box and Whisker    watch this and this for > 1 set of data

Station  2, 5    Histogram            watch this

Station 3, 6   Central Tendency    watch this or watch this


Review Rotation  Day 2

Station 1,4     MAD  

Station 2, 5    Samples and Populations   watch this STOP at 3:25 and watch this 

Station 3, 6     Figure Your Grade WS

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