01 Welcome to Iowa - Center Point-Urbana Community School District

01 Welcome to Iowa

Mrs. Sunseri


Respect Standard - / +



Participation Standard - / + - Keep your brain in the Game

Listen to Instructions

Read Instructions

Ask Questions About Instructions



Do not's resulting in a Time-out

Playing games without permission

Playing music without permission

Daily Procedure 

Start of Class

  1. Sit in your assigned seat.

  2. Do not log on the computer until I give you permission. 

End of Class 

Log off computer

Shut down computer

Headphones on top of computer

Push in Chairs


Task 1:  Log on the computer

Logon:   Your first and last name followed by 25

Password:  Same as Google Chrome


Log on:  Deldred25

Password:  de25 rest of hot lunch number !


Task 2:  Log into your Google Apps and Google Chrome  Account


Task 3:   Customize Google Chrome

Clean Up Old Bookmarks

Set New Bookmarks

1.  Iowa History Class - Rename it: Iowa

2.  GWAEA - Rename it GWAEA

3.  iClipArt



Task 6:   Signup for Quizbeans by Sunseri  -


Use your Google App username and password


Task 7:    Watch this video and then launch Google Drawing, play around with it . . . Create whatever you want until I say STOP!  Click on ALL the tabs and dropdowns and icons until you know what they all do!





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