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09 Industries


Learning Target: I know the location of Iowa's six border states.



Learning Target: I know some of the great products made or invented in Iowa. 


Task 1:    Make a copy and read about Iowa's Industries (besides those associated with food). Follow the instructions on it. 


Task 2:  Create a new subpage on your Iowa Website.  Here is a video if you do not know how to create a subpage.   Name it: Iowa Industries. 


Task 3:  Watch the video below and then post  one favorite ad for each company listed below this video on your Iowa Industries page. 

For each of the Iowa Industries below, go to YouTube , find an ad and post it on your Iowa Industries subpage. 

  1. Rockwell Collins Ad

  2. Blue Bunny Ad

  3. Old Amana Microwave Ad

  4. Maytag washer ad

  5. Quaker Oats Ad

Take today's quizbean.    If you get at least 80% (show me), you may relax quietly in your seats. 

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