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12 Prepare for Test




Learning Target:  I can identify geographic and natural information about Iowa. 

Success Criteria:  

  • I can locate places of interest using the coordinates on an official Iowa State Map.

  • I can identify the location of Iowa’s border states.

  • I can identify the location of Iowa’s two major rivers.  

  • I can list three of Iowa’s  greatest resources.

  • I can identify  what four companies that started in Iowa, make.

  • I can identify what created Iowa’s greatest resource.

  • I can identify two ways to protect Iowa’s soil.

  • I can identify two dangers to Iowa’s soil.

Task 1: Review What created Iowa's resource, two ways to protect Iowa's soil and to dangers to Iowa's Soil by watching this video again. 

Task 2:  Take today's quizbean to find out what you do not know for the test on Friday. 

Task 3 : Make a copy of the Iowa Geography Facts google slide presentation. Rename it: Your Last Name + Iowa Geography Facts and share it with Lsunseri@cpuschools.org. 


  1. Insert images into the presentation of the words in red. 

  2. Format the background and make it look attractive. 

  3. Add some cool transitions


Task 4:  Take the quizbean until you get at least 85%. 


Task 5: Finish Lesson 11 if you did not get it done already


Task 6:  Explore something of interest on Iowa's Pathways You may listen to music if you are reading an article instead of watching a video. 




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