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15 Fun Folk

Learning Target:  I can demonstrate some of the fun things Iowans did. 


Example 1.


 Let's create a subpage on your site called Fun Folks 1-3


Are you doing it right checklist? 

1. Two pictures per person. 

2.  Can't both be boring portraits. 

3.  A sentence with correcting spelling and capital letters about the person under each picture. 

4.  The source of the picture. 


Task 1: 

Bookmark Google Images if you don't already have it bookmarked.

When you search for images, you will find more images if you go straight out to Google Images  than going to the Insert -- Images--Select button. 


Test whether or not I am right: 

Launch your Website. Go to Fun Folk. Compare the pictures you find using:  Insert--Images--Select  with the pictures you find using the Google Images search by doing these two things.  

1.  Copy and paste Felix Adler White House Clown into the Insert--Images-Select space.  Look at your choices. 

2.  Copy and paste Felix Adler White House Clown into Google Images.  Look at your choices. 

Task 2:  Make a copy of the Fun Folk Document and share it with me. 


Task 3: Watch the video of what you have to do. 

Here is an example:  



Go on to the next person on the list. 



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