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18 John Atanasof


Task 1:

  1. Create a subpage named: Inventors and Explorers, give it a relevant picture

  2. Create a subpage named: Equality and Justice; give it a relevant picture


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Learning Target: I can identify the Iowan who created the first electronic computer. 


Practice 1:  Review the questions about one of Iowa's great inventors. 

1.  What happened to the ABC computer? 

2.  What great thing did John Vincent Atanasoff do? 

3.  When did he do it? 

4.  When did he get recognition or credit for it? 

5.  How much money did he make? 


Practice 2:  Partner Work - (need audio spliters)

Navigator:  Make a copy of the John Atanasoff  questions. Put both your names on it. Share it with Lsunseri@cpuschools.org. 

Driver:  Run  the video. Pause it when your navigator says "Stop." Start it when the navigator says "Start."  Highlight the answers to the questions. 


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