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20 Getting the Woman's Vote


Learning Target: I can explain how Carrie Chapman Clatt helped women get the right to vote. 

Task 1:  Find out what the woman's suffrage was all about by watching the following video. 


Task 2:  Partner Work  or Solo Work- (need audio splitters)


Navigator:  Make a copy of the Carrie Chapman Catt questions.  Put both your names on it. Share it with Lsunseri@cpuschools.org. 

Driver:  Run  the video below. Pause it when your navigator says "Stop." Start it when the navigator says "Start." 


While you watch the video, answer the questions together.   Use Read Write to read the questions out loud before beginning the video. 




Take today's quizbean.  If you get 80% you  may relax quietly. 

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