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24 Civil Rights: Segregation


Learning Targets:

What are you learning?   I can describe what segregation or "Jim Crow" laws  look like. 

Why are you learning it?   To understand what the civil rights movement was about. 

How will you know when you have learned it?  When you can describe  three examples of segregation or "Jim Crow" laws. 



Task 1:   Find out how  much you already know by taking the prior knowledge survey.


Task 2:  With your partner or alone, make a copy of the Civil Rights document.  Share it with LSunseri@cpuschools.org.  You will watch some short videos and answer 


Video 1: 


Video 2:  Jackie Robinson

Video 3:  Rosa Parks

Task 3:   You  may listen to music while you do this. 

By yourself,  create a Google Slide Show that shows what  segregation or "separate but equal" was like in the United States.   

1.  Go to Google Images

2. Search for "separate but equal". 

3. Look for images that show discrimination, or unequal treatment, against people who were not white. 

4.  Insert the image into the slide show.  Find at least 12 images that show different ways people were treated separately: housing, jobs, restaurants, businesses, trains, buses, businesses. 

6.  Share it with LSunseri@cpuschools.org. 





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