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Mrs. Nelsen

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Mrs. Nelsen’s Science classes---

7th grade curriculum: Populations & Ecosystems, Energy & Electromagnetic Force & Planetary Science

8th grade curriculum: Chemical Interactions, Heredity and Adaptations, Gravity, Kinetic Energy, & Waves

Daily: Bring composition notebook, pencils, glue stick, colored pencils, and reading book.

Classwork will be considered practice learning leading up to an assessment. Student composition notebooks are used as learning tools. All of the information recorded can be used to prepare for upcoming assessments. Coursework is expected to be turned in on time. Completed daily work must be glued in sequentially, entries dated and glossary up-to-date. Typically, incomplete daily work negatively affects one’s performance on an assessment; so daily work is expected to be completed for class in order to make sufficient progress--even though homework will not be included as part of the final grade.

Grades will be determined by performance on labs or applications, quizzes and tests. Materials to be reviewed for assessments will always be announced in advance.  Grades will be based on what the student is able to show they learned. Therefore, extra credit will not be given at any time. All students may reassess and will earn the most recent score. Scores will not be averaged.

Need to schedule a re-assessment?  See Mrs. Nelsen during PRIDE or Group time (not EPIC).  We will:


    1. determine what materials must be covered prior to reassessing, and

    2. determine the time frame you will have to prepare.

    3. schedule a reassessment date.  Bring your original assessment and any other study materials.

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