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Art Exploratory

Art is a required class for all Middle School students. Each group will have Art for approximately 28 days. The class will complete three to four projects and one of those projects will be displayed in one of three art shows: The Winter Art Show along with the Winter Middle School Band and Chorus Concert, The Spring Art Show along with the Middle School Spring Play/Musical, and The May Art Show along with the 5-12 Band Concert and the 5-12 Vocal Concert at the High School. Please make sure to visit the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Art Class pages to learn more about what each grade does in Art Class.


Standards Based Grading

All Art Classes will now be graded using the Standards Based Grading Criteria. This is explained in the Welcome Letter document that is displayed below. All students will bring this letter home at the start of their Art Exploratory. Standards Based Grading assesses students on what they know and what they can do in Art Class. This form of grading gives a much more accurate assessment of the knowledge and skills of the students. It will also allow students to re-assess a test or re-do a portion of a project if they would like to raise their score. The Re-Assessment Policy is also displayed below.


Keeping Behavior in Check

Each student will be required to sign a Behavior Agreement for Art Class. The agreement is displayed below. The signed copy will be kept in the Art Room.


Welcome Letter

Re-take Policy

Behavior Agreement

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