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Potty Training Requirements

Potty Training Requirements:

 All children attending pre-school must be potty trained before they can attend.

 Why do children have to be potty trained before they begin preschool? There are strict guidelines for changing and disposing of diapers when children are being changed in a classroom and we aren’t equipped to take on that task. When an adult is changing a child’s diaper, it is taking away from learning time from all students. 

What does it mean to be potty trained? Children must be wearing underwear with very few accidents. A child having accidents daily would not be considered potty trained. Please note that wearing pull ups isn’t considered being potty trained. 

What if my child has to withdraw from pre-school because she/he isn’t potty trained. Yes, they will have to withdraw from pre-school until they are potty trained. As soon as they are potty trained, please call the Primary Elementary Office(849 1102 ext. 5100) to inquire about openings. This can be done at anytime during the school year as late as the spring. 


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