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In 2009, Center Point-Urbana Schools adopted Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's Journeys © 2010 as our core reading program 1st - 5th grades.  

Journeys is developed on the solid foundation of proven instruction in an easy-to-manage organization. Some features include Adventure Units and Guided Reading with Irene Fountas. Differentiated instruction components such as Intervention Kits and English Language Learner help you ensure that every child can be successful.

The core reading program is organized through Guided Reading Lessons and Leveled Readers.  The Journeys Leveled Readers feature a variety of nonfiction titles to reinforce skill and vocabulary instruction.  Each leveled reader applies comprehension skills and strategies from Journeys core lessons.  ThinkCentral is available for students and parents 


ThinkCentral Login 


 ThinkCentral  provides access to the online textbook and all features of Journeys in one convenient place. Students and parents have access to additional resources, practice exercises, and quizzes that provide immediate feedback from the teacher.  The Journeys student e-book is a powerful way to extend your students’ learning. This enhanced, electronic version of the Student Books and Magazines includes full audio, zoom capability, and links to Destination Reading® activities. Listening, writing, and reading supports provide just what students need in the 21st Century. 

In addition to the Student Journeys eBook, you will find decodable readers, practice books, write-in readers, leveled practice and your child’s leveled readers. If you wish, the district could load your child’s leveled readers onto a mobile device as well.

If you have questions regarding your child’s login username or password, please contact your child’s teacher.



Second Grade FAST

Throughout the school year Fall, Winter and Spring, students in second grade are given the FAST CBMReading test. This is an overall measure of reading skills where the student reads aloud a story for one minute. The teacher records the number of words the student reads correctly along with reading accuracy. CBMReading provides an overall indication of how well the student is reading and is related to other reading skills like decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Second Grade Benchmarks FAST

Second Grade benchmarks/criterion standards are specified for each grade level, which are used to identify students at risk for reading failure.


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