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 In 2014, Center Point-Urbana Schools adopted Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's Journeys  as our core reading program in Kindergarten.  With leading-edge digital tools and results-driven instruction, Journeys Common Core is a K–6 reading program with rigorous Common Core instructional design. The unique close reading routine builds better readers while also providing intervention for struggling students. Easy organization, proven instruction and exceptional differentiation set Journeys Common Core apart as the Common Core reading curriculum of choice for educators across the nation. 






Kindergarten FAST

Throughout the school year Fall, Winter and Spring, kindergarten students are assessed on a variety of skills that are essential to reading. The FAST (Formative Assessment System for Teachers) assessment is one assessment the state uses to measure a variety of skills. The FAST assessment screens on the following skills:

  • Reading letter names and identifying letter sounds
  • Understanding concepts of print (eg. We read from left to right on a page.)
  • Identifying individual sounds they hear in a word (eg. “at” has two sounds: /a/ and /t/)
  • Reading commonly used words by sight (eg. "the”)
  • Blending sounds together to read simple words

In the Spring, the following sub-tests in the FAST screening, Letter Sounds, Word Segmenting, Nonsense Words, and Sight Words compile a composite score. The early reading Composite Score is calculated as a best estimate of a student’s early literacy skills and development for a given time period.

Kindergarten Benchmarks FAST

Kindergarten benchmarks/criterion standards are specified for each grade level, which are used to identify students at risk for reading failure.


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