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Quick Links

The left navigation panel has two sections.  At the top are links CPU staff members use to do their jobs. On the bottom are links  to  Internet sites that help all students become successful, life-long learners.  


CPU's Google Apps site and Moodle are free sites provided by the school district.  The Iowa AEA and Grant Wood Online resources are provided by the district through an agreement with Grant Wood AEA.


CPU's Google Apps site and Moodle require students and staff to use their network user ID and password.


The Grant Wood AEA and Iowa AEA Online sites require a different user ID and password that we are not allowed to post.  The Id and Password for each school is unique. Ask the teachers and librarians what they are.   Below are the contacts for more information and help.


Amy Grundmeyer, Middle School and High School Teacher-Librarian

Phone: 319-849-1102 x2014


Sandy Fehl, Preschool, Primary, and Intermediate Teacher-Librarian

Phone: 319-849-1102 x





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