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Return To Learn

Return To Learn

The Center Point-Urbana Community School District has been diligently working to create our Return to Learn Plan to share with the community. 

Reopening CPU Plan 

Metrics to Determine Instructional Delivery Method


This is a working document and is meant to be responsive. The information provided may be revised as new guidance, recommendations, and requirements are released by local and state authorities. Ongoing feedback will be gathered to support future decision-making that will bring students back to school.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate the intricate details of opening our schools.

Phase One of Return To Learn: CPU Enrollment Survey

CPU Families are asked to watch the video and then complete the CPU Enrollment Survey by August 5th.


After watching the video, please complete the CPU Enrollment Survey for your child(ren).

CPU Enrollment Survey Presentation pdf

Center Point-Urbana schools realizes that the idea of returning onsite to school this fall may be of concern to you as a parent or guardian for your child.

It is our goal to provide a high-quality education to every student in our traditional face to face school environment or in a virtual environment.

We understand that our students need an education that is flexible enough to meet their unique situations, while maintaining quality and credibility of their learning.

When considering the circumstances around the world, this fall students K-8 (9-12 students will use APEX) will have a choice to enroll in CPU Online Virtual Learning as a CPU student.

District FAQ Document - CPU Virtual Online Learning Information For Parents

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