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Welcome to the New School Year

September 2018

In this screencast, Mrs. Wooldridge (primary principal) and Mr. Hasleiet (intermediate principal) go over the purpose of screencasts that will be done by elementary teachers this school year.  They also go over some upcoming events and changes for the 2018-19 school year. Here are the changes they talk about:

  1. Healthy Snack Policy

  2. Visitors and Volunteers

  3. SeeSaw

  4. Walkathon

  5. Upcoming School Events

  6. A great start to our school year!   

PBIS/Social Thinking


 October 2018                                                          

PBIS/Social Thinking PTO Videos

The first grade and fourth grade teams put together videos to explain PBIS.  Since social thinking is somewhat new to the social emotional learning that takes place in both buildings, the grade level teams focused on giving more details about social thinking.  It would be beneficial for your children to hear the same language and vocabulary at home that they hear in school on a daily basis. Here is a link to the first grade presentation.  It gives a nice, detailed description of the vocabulary used in both of the CPU elementary buildings.  The fourth grade presentation goes over the same vocabulary terms and gives some examples with a our fourth grade teachers acting a bit silly.  Here is the link to that presentation.  I hope you enjoy and learn a bit from both presentations.


Blended Learning

December 2018

District Definition - Blended learning is a framework of learner centered instructional practices, focused on increasing student engagement and achievement.

Grant Wood AEA has been offering classes on a type of teaching called “blended learning” for the past few years.  Teachers at Center Point-Urbana have been attending these classes since they first started five years ago. The momentum of blended learning has been picking up at CPU.  The district is sending several teachers from each building to the classes this school year. There are changes happening in classrooms as a result of these classes.

Please click on this link to see a short video that two of our fifth grade teachers (Jenny Bearbower and Jenny Teagle) put together.  It explains blended learning and shows some examples of how their classrooms are changing as a result of what they are learning in the class.   

Two of the main things we would like to see change as a result of blended teaching and learning happening in classrooms is engagement and achievement.  If children are engaged in their classrooms, they are going to continue to love learning the same way as when they entered the classroom doors as preschool students.  There is no doubt these engaging instructional practices will increase learning for all children at Center-Point-Urbana. The hope is that teachers use what they learn in the blended classes to add teaching strategies to their “toolbox”.  By doing this, they will be able to meet the needs of all learners in their classrooms


February 2019

Click HERE for the new screencast. 


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